High Protein Snacks Under 200Cal

While it may sound counter-intuitive but snacking, of course in a healthy way, can help you keep fit and even lose weight. Unhealthy eating happens not only while feasting but when we are fasting too. We often over compensate for a time we skipped a meal or snack so its best to eat small meals throughout the day. Here we give you some snack ideas, which you can easily take to work and eat at that 4pm hunger pang!

1. Fruits & Nuts – Fruits are a great option combine them with nuts to give you the protein boost and also keep you full for longer.
2. Ginger Thins with raspberries – Ginger Thins or other reduced sugar biscuits combines with raspberries or any other berries is an excellent choice.
3. Yoghurt & Blue Berries – Pretty much any berry with plain Greek yoghurt is a great combination as a snack.
4. Granola Bar & Strawberries – Pick your favourite granola bar and combine it with some strawberries for freshness.
5. Hummus with Carrots & Celery – If you prefer savoury snacks then this is perfect for you!
6. Banana & Dried Fruits & Nuts – Banana is great to fill you up& give you that much needed energy boost and also a great source of fibre & potassium.
7. Cookie & Strawberries – This is for that day when you fell like indulging.
8. Fruits – Nothing can perk you up like a good doze of fruits, remember to include a banana to keep you full for a while.
9. Rice Cracker with Salami & Mascarpone – Perfect combination giving you taste, satisfaction and health.

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