Breakfast Like A King!

The old adage that goes breakfast like a king is not far from the modern theory of breakfast is the most important meal. Many studies across the globe point out that kick starting the day with a healthy breakfast is a great idea. If you have a healthy breakfast, you would be satiated till lunch and will likely moderate your lunch intake as well. Its also likely that if you skip breakfast you would either over-compensate during lunch or binge in between meals.
We asked a few people why they skip breakfast and got some interesting responses ‘I am trying to lose weight’, ‘I am not a breakfast person’, ‘Its too much work’, ‘ I don’t know what to eat every day’, ‘I’m bored of the same old cereal’. To those trying to lose weight by skipping meals, especially breakfast – it doesn’t work that way, it can backfire!
Breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated, put together some carbs, think cereals, bread, porridge etc. protein, think lean chicken, cheese, yoghurt and fresh fruits and you have a beautiful healthy breakfast ready. While choosing the carbs, choose low GI ingredients like whole grain bread instead of white bread. Try oats with yoghurt and berries or bread peanut butter and banana. A good trick to never miss your breakfast is to plan ahead and stock ahead, plan your weekly breakfast over the weekend and ensure you have all the ingredients needed to put these together.

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