Recipe: Chocolate Cranberry Loaf

Weekends are not fun until they are lazy and indulgent. We usually bake fresh bread over the weekend which serves as breakfast for 2-3 mornings. This Saturday, Jahnavi woke up with a desire to eat cake, my first instinct – let’s do it, but then she nibbles and we hog! So for our sake I decided to try something healthier. Say hello to Chocolate Cranberry Loaf.

I used my Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker, when we bought this we never thought it would become such an important part of our kitchen. Check out the video below for the step by step recipe.

Ingredients for 1 large loaf:

300g bread flour

200ml milk

15g butter

25g sugar

1tsp salt

1tsp Instant yeast

3tbsp cranberries

1/2 cup sweetened chocolate nuggets (you could also chop regular chocolate bar)


Set the machine on Mode 1 – Basic, Medium Crust, 750g Bread. The time should be about 3hrs and 18min

Add the milk to the pot, then add flour carefully not to mix the two. Make a later of flour.

Then make 3 holes (one in between, and two on the opposite corners) in the flour layer, without going deep enough to reach the milk.

Add sugar in one corner hole, salt in the other corner hole and yeast in between, start the machine.

When one round of mixing is done (you will hear the machine stop churning) add butter and close the lid.

After cycles of mixing and resting, the machine will beep at this point add the chocolate and cranberries. Close the lid, the dough will be mixed for a bit more time and then stop.

Now the dough will rise for another hour or so, during which the dough will be about twice its original size, then the bread will bake inside the tin.

It will beep one final time, take out the bread and place on a wire rack for at least and hour. Then slice and enjoy.

You could place it in an airtight container and it will easily stay for 3-4 days.

Tip: Remove the mixing blade when there is about 2hr and 18min left to avoid getting a huge hole in the loaf.

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