Review: Original Sin Singapore

I was brought up as a vegetarian and though I now eat pretty much everything, I absolutely love green food. When we were contemplating going out for dinner last evening I suggested Original Sin, a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Singapore. We had never been there before but had heard some positive reviews. The restaurant is located at Chip Bee Gardens, 3-4min walk from Holland Village MRT.


About 6.30pm we reached without a reservation and we got a small table in their alfresco dining area. I was tempted to indulge in their unlimited wine promotion for 89++ but the hubby reminded me it was’t Friday evening, so we settled with a single glass.

We started with the Mezze Platter that came with a 4 interesting middle eastern dips. Tzaziki, which is Greek yogurt and cucumber, this one had a dash of dried mint, it was nice there was an eggplant dip which for my Indian palette could have been a bit more flavourful, there was a pumpkin dip which was, well, sweet, and then there was the usual suspect hummus with its best friend pita – we absolutely loved it!

The salad with feta and olives in the platter was also fresh and crunchy, but what stole the show was the falafel, absolutely amazing!MezzePlatter

We followed this up with an Absolut Pasta, this was in a tomato gravy and had real Absolut Vodka, honestly speaking I did not taste the vodka but the pasta was yummilicious! I would definitely order it again.


The other main that we ordered was Moussaka, a kind of eggplant lasagna. It could be that we were already quite full from the previous two dishes or the benchmark was set too high with the previous two, we were not too impressed by the Moussaka, it lacked flavour.


One thing that bothered us a bit was that their alfresco dining area is actually a pathway for people and they walk right through the aisles. Overall, the experience was pleasant and we would not mind going there again, but not in near future.

Final Verdict:

Taste of Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Spent: About $90 for 2 people

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