Recipe: Chocolate Cranberry Loaf

Weekends are not fun until they are lazy and indulgent. We usually bake fresh bread over the weekend which serves as breakfast for 2-3 mornings. This Saturday, Jahnavi woke up with a desire to eat cake, my first instinct – let’s do it, but then she nibbles and we hog! So for our sake I decided to try something healthier. Say hello to Chocolate Cranberry Loaf.

Recipe: Easy Peasy Mini Pies

I love to make tiny yummies for my LO and savoury trumps sweet always! Mini pies are a sure hit and I make them with various fillings. I am sharing the recipe of a lovely sausage and mushroom mini pies which is easy to make and really delicious. Serve it with some steamed vegetables and it…

Recipe: Baked Potato & Sausage in Tomato Sauce

Since this is the month of school holidays for kids I decided to share this simple recipe which is a big hit with my 3YO. Its a simple dish, ready in a jiffy and is very yummy. Honestly, I rarely make it only for her. 🙂   What you’ll need for 2 Servings:1 Potato – thin…

Recipe: Black Beans & Avocado Crostini

While putting together the Mother’s Day Special Box, I re-looked at some recipes I had not made in days, and this is one of them. Not because it’s not as great but just because I’ve been cooking and shooting all these other fabulous recipes. This recipe is a big hit at my home and is a great…

Recipe: One Pot Wonder Beef & Tri Color Couscous

I admit, cooking at home every day is challenging, especially when you have to do a pile of dishes at the end. So I keep a set of handy one-pot-wonders. Today I am sharing the recipe of one of these. Minced meats are one of my favourites since they are very versatile, today’s recipe is made with…

Recipe: Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Don’t you just love to bake? The preparation, the lovely aroma that and the excitement of seeing a beautiful result, baking is just so much fun. Muffins are a sure win, especially in homes with kids, however they are not the healthiest things. Here’s a recipe which we love, especially because the guilt factor is way lower than usual muffins….

Recipe: Poached Fish with Asparagus and Tomatoes

Poaching is a classic French technique that retains all the flavors of the fish without adding any fats to the dish. If like us, you love to eat different cuisines, this is a must-try. We love a soft fish like grouper but if you are going fancy you can very well go with Salmon which is always fantastic….